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One Fisher 2" Super Giant Plotter Pen with Metal Locator Ring


  • $1597

FISHER PLOTTER PENS were developed because of the need for a trouble free and long lasting writing instrument for plotters. The technology is based on over 50 years of research and development in ball point cartridges. As a hand writing instrument it is, and has been for over 20 years, the only choice of NASA for all manned space flights. This pen will not dry out and can write at any angle, even upside down, because it has been pressurized. It is extremely long lasting because of a very high viscosity ink formula and a pen point that features a durable tungsten carbide ball and stainless steel socket that have been machined to ultra high tolerances.
*NOTE: For best results adjust the plotter to a pen force setting of at least 250 grams. This may vary depending on type of media and speed setting.


  • Dimension: 2"h x .45"w, Ring: 0.660"
  • Medium Point - Line Width: 0.4mm
  • More thank 5 kilometers of drawing (3 times more thank roller ball pens).
  • Never dries up.
  • Does not require an adapter.
  • Can write on Mylar and Vinyl.
  • Available in 3 standard ink colors: Black ink #PSGM20BK, Red ink #PSGM20RD, Blue ink #PSGM20BU.

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