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About us

Gercutter® is a globally registered trademark, which operates in the area of equipment and materials for two important types of business:  the advertising industry and the textile industry. Gercutter® has a wide range of professional vinyl cutting plotters and sublimation heat press machines to cover all the essential market needs. Our products are manufactured with the latest technologies in the industry, under strict quality control. Always with the premise of the best quality at the lowest price.

We have the best price/quality ratio and our focus is to enable new entrepreneurs of the advertising signs industry and heat stamping industry, by delivering an excellent product at an affordable price. We also handle a wide range of materials and consumables such as: blades, ink, vinyls, etc.  

Our experience is extensive, as we have been fully involved in this business since 2005. We started delivering our products in Venezuela, where low prices and high quality aligned with the daily needs of our customers allowed us to have a resounding success that made us number one in those markets.

Alliances with companies like Grupoeshop brings innovative solutions using Internet sales sites we have been able to reach a very broad customer base.  We have managed to penetrate beyond what other brands have been able to, by addressing our customers in their own language and having the right materials and equipment for each market need.

In 2010 we expanded to the USA where we opened one office in San Diego, CA. From this location we have been able to deliver our products all over the USA, and to provide excellent technical support for the US market.

Complementing our products with a support site and free education, coupled with bringing cost effective solutions to the market, we have been able to reach from the common entry level customer, like a design student who wants to heat stamp T-shirts to sale at his college or university, to the professional business man which has its own store of photography or design company and wants to diversify its business, expand its products and services and increase his earnings.

In a few words, Gercutter® means prosperity for its customers, a solution to start your small or medium business and go to market. We guarantee our customers the continuity and quality of supply materials/parts at the best prices, that is our commitment!

When you think about Gercutter®, think about signs and sublimation, high quality at the best price in the market.